Agency and experience: Issue 5

The new issue of contains essays by Ruth Leys, Michael Fried and Robert Pippin, amongst other things, and focusses on “the relation between our agency–our actions, or emotions, our character–and our experience–of the world, of ourselves, of each other.” It also ‘reprints’ Todd Cronan’s review of affect theory.

Affect theory: Cronan review in Radical Philosophy

Todd Cronan has a punchy review of The Affect Theory Reader, edited by Melissa Gregg and Greg Seigworth, in Radical Philosophy. Amongst the points he makes are the relentless claims about newness, and the predilection for binary oppositions in expositions of the importance of ‘affect’. He reminded me, too, of the odd understanding of ‘post-structuralism’ against which this work defines itself, not least in geography, where post-structuralism is understood to have simply been a radicalization of a structuralist model of signification which remained on that same plane; and the rather odd relationship to the empirical that humanities work, in particular, on affect tends to have – in which cases which exemplify the interpretative value of affect theory are always things worlded as ‘events’, without problematization, by the good old mass media.