Things to Read

You can find downloadable versions of many of my research publications on the Research pages of this website. A lot of the pieces published up to 2013 are also available from The Open University’s rather wonderful online repository of research materials, ORO (a great site even if you have no interest in my publications). You can also find downloads of more recent research at my ResearchGate page.

In addition to those pieces, and in the general spirit of thinking out loud, here are some occasional, more or less formal pieces, including texts of talks and presentations and some reviews:

Blog Essays:

Sometimes I end up writing quite long blogposts on PopTheory. These have ranged over various topics, and can be found under the Long Form menu link on the main page.


– Me on YouTube! This is me talking on the theme of The Urbanization of Responsibility at the University of Stellenbosch in 2015 (during a load-shedding black out of electricity supply, which is why were outside).

– Some remarks on the question ‘Does democracy need the city?‘ presented at UCL in May 2015.

– The written draft of a paper entitled ‘Problematizations: situating contemporary urban thought ‘presented at the AAG meeting in Chicago, April 2015.

– Here is the text of a paper presented at the annual conference of the RGS-IBG in August 2013, reflecting on the relative absence of concern with political parties and party-based political processes in critical human geography: Politics is ordinary, or, welcome to the party?

– Here is the text of a talk given at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers in 2013, addressing future directions for critical urban studies and critical spatial theory: Where is the action?

– Politics is ordinary, a presentation given at a workshop on the theme of Politicising the post-political city at the OU in June 2011.

– Theorising emergent publics, which is a first attempt to summarise some of the thoughts that came out of the ESRC Emergent Publics project.

– A couple of pieces on the theme of ethical consumption as ‘politics in an ethical register’, one called Politics in an ethical register in 2006 and one presented at the ICA  event for the Cultures of Consumption Programme in 2007.

Book Reviews:

I’m a great believer in the value of the academic book review. Here are some of those I have written over the years:

– My reviews of Blue Jeans: The Art of the Ordinary by Danny Miller and Sophie Woodward and Miller’s Consumption and its Consequences.

– My review of Ash Amin and Nigel Thrift’s book, The Arts of the Political, is online at Antipode’s book review page.

– My review of Ash Amin’s Land of Strangers is at the LSE Review of Books.

– My review of Space, Knowledge and Power: Foucault and Geography, edited by Jeremy Crampton and Stuart Elden.

– My review of Matt Sparke’s In The Space of Theory.

– My review of Latour and Weibel’s Making Things Public.

– My review of Felix Driver’s Geography Militant.

– My review of the collection The Daily Globe, edited by Joe Smith.

– My review of African Literature as Political Philosophy by M.C.S. Okolo.

– My review of Market Citizenship by Amanda Root.

– My review of the Imperial Cities collection edited by Felix Driver and David Gilbert.

– My review of Ed Soja’s Thirdspace.

Odds and Sods:

– A research report on Segmenting Publics can be downloaded from the NCCPE’s website.

Here are downloads of pre-publication drafts of some pieces not on ORO:

– Entries in D. Gregory, R. J. Johnston, G. Pratt, M. Watts and S. Whatmore (eds.) The Dictionary of Human Geography (5th Edition), Wiley-Blackwell: Cultural Turn, Culture, Deconstruction, Democracy, Essentialism, Foundationalism, Ideology, Media, Rhetoric, Theory

– More on democracy here.

– Fair Trade, In M. Bevir (ed.), Encyclopedia of Political Theory (Volume 2). Sage. ISBN-13: 978-1412958653 (HB), pp. 491-2.

– Teaching geography without scruples, in G. Butt (ed.), Geography, Education and the Future. Continuum. ISBN; 9781847064981 (PB), pp. 240-243.

– In 2012, the University of Oxford kindly digitised my doctoral thesis (I think this means someone carefully photocopied the submitted copy, then scanned it; I could have just sent them the word files). It is now publicly available, exposed, open access at the Oxford University Research Archive.

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    • Thanks very much for the comment Michael – I’m certainly interested in theory of the middle-range variety, my favourite sort in fact; and the use of this sort of urban theory in archaeology is something I’m not familiar with, so thanks for the link, I look forward to reading the paper, when I get the chance.

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