Urban Things

I think of myself as having been ‘trained’ in a broad tradition of urban studies, in and beyond Geography, as an undergraduate and postgraduate, although this interest was somewhat dormant for quite a while through the 1990s. Starting with research on democracy in Durban, the urban focus of my research has steadily reasserted itself, not least because of a series of teaching-related projects I worked on at the Open University from 2008 to 2013 on the theme of Changing Cities. I have also written about the relations between political theory and urban theory for a while now, including co-authored pieces on urban politics written with Scott Rodgers and Allan Cochrane. Most recently, supported by a Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship, I have been exploring the dynamics of what I have been calling “the urbanization of responsibility” (a phrase which is really a placeholder for a question, namely why is it that everyone thinks that cities are the key drivers of both negative and positive transformation these days?). This work has included investigating the processes whereby urban issues have become central to global development policy (including co-authoring with Sue Parnell); theoretical reflection on how pragmatist ideas and thinking about problem-formation might reorient the vocation of critical urban studies (including co-writing with Gary Bridge); work on the genealogies of South African urban studies; and work exploring the nature of case-based reasoning in urban studies, and a consideration of the relevance of the revival of interest in the idea of wicked problems for understanding the urbanization of responsibility in contemporary policy discourses.

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