Did he jump, was he nudged?

For those interested in this sort of thing (“this sort of thing” including behavioural economics, ‘nudge’, academics and policy, or, just, Cass Sunstein) – I only just noticed that Sunstein has quit as the White House’s ‘regulation czar’ (or ‘tzar’?).

Ethics and behaviour change

Here is an interesting post by Jessica Pykett at the Soft Paternalism blog, on attending a seminar on the ethics of behaviour change by the House of Lords Inquiry into behaviour change initiatives in government. This is one of the few projects I know of that is engaging with this whole field in a critical way (I think too of Nikolas Rose‘s ongoing genealogy of psy-disciplines, extending now into work on neurosciences). Lots of geography, of course, is utterly complicit with this behaviour change agenda – one that is re-shaping how social sciences are understood in the public realm, to the detriment to the broadly ‘ethnographic’ dispositions of a great deal of critical-theoretically inclined social science.