Change of scenery

UntitledOne way of thinking about the ever-so slightly old fashioned practice of blogging is as a way of producing so many ‘advertisements for myself’. I think this might be perfectly defensible. So, in this spirit, this seems as good a medium as any to let anyone out there who might be interested know that I have accepted a position as Professor of Geography and Social Theory at the University of Exeter, in the Department of Geography, starting later this year.

I have spent a decade at the OU – one half of my grown-up academic career, and I must admit to being a little bit daunted by the idea of returning to the world of face-to-face teaching, seasonal Terms, that sort of thing. I suspect that one might remain ‘ex-OU’ for quite a while after leaving, in various ways. I’m really looking forward to working with the range of great people in Geography at Exeter, and also, maybe, living close to the seaside.