Bite Size Theory: The Comfort of Things

“All my academic studies have shown that the people who successfully forge meaningful relationships to things are often the same as those who forge meaningful relationships with people, while those who fail at one usually also fail at the other, because the two are much more akin and entwined than is commonly appreciated.”

Daniel Miller, 1998, The Comfort of Things, Polity Press.

Review of Blue Jeans: the art of the ordinary

I have a short review of Blue Jeans: the art of the ordinary, by Daniel Miller and Sophie Woodward, just published online in Social and Cultural Geography (never had anything in there before). It’s a great book.

That’s all.



Review of Consumption and its Consequences

My review of Danny Miller’s Consumption and its Consequences has been published in Area. It’s very good (the book, that is) – if you’re interested in consumption, obviously, but that might not be the main point; it’s also about how to think about poverty, or thinking about social change, thinking about how and why materiality matters. Big ideas in an accessible package.