New blog on urbanism and democracy

Just noticed a new blog by Mark Purcell, Path to the Possible, on issues of urbanism, politics, democracy. Mark is author of Recapturing Democracy, one of the few books I can think of in geography/urban studies that engages in detail with democratic theory. I was on the ‘author-meets-critics’ panel for this book at the Annual Meeting of the AAG in Boston in 2008, the only time I have done one of these. I remember thinking how weird it must be to have to sit through other people picking holes in one’s work in such detail. I now have to sit through one of these on a book of my own in a month or so, so what goes around comes around I guess.

1 thought on “New blog on urbanism and democracy

  1. Hi Clive, thanks for the ‘shout-out’. I’m just starting out, I am happy to have all the traffic I can get. Maybe I can be on the critic’s panel for your book 😉

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