Postcolonial discontents

For anyone interested in the debate aroused by Vivek Chibber’s critique of postcolonial theory for being insufficiently Marxist-in-the-right-sort-of-way, which has included a robust response from Partha Chatterjee, Bruce Robbins has a review of Chibber’s book at n+1, and Chibber has a response to Robbins at Jacobin, to which Robbins has in turn his own response at n+1 again. Phew.

1 thought on “Postcolonial discontents

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    Over on Clive Barnett’s Pop Theory blog, news of the latest tussle in the debates started by Vivek Chibber’s book ‘Postcolonial Theory and the Spectre of Capital’. Incidentally, I got Chibber’s book last week, so am going to be interested to finally read it!

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