Deliberately Considered

Via Gone Public, news of a new blog set up by Jeffrey Goldfarb, author of the very wonderful The Politics of Small Things. Deliberately Considered aims to address contemporary issues in, well, a considered and deliberate way:

“Our task will be to respond to the events of the day by putting them in larger historical and theoretical contexts.  We are dedicated to lending perspective by considering both what is close to home in the everyday life of ordinary people and what is happening elsewhere in other parts of the world, as well as analyzing what happens on the central political stage of American and global politics.   We will consider problems with careful thought and with the longer, rather than the shorter, run in mind.  We will not be primarily concerned with who’s up and who’s down or tendentious polemics, but rather with trying to understand the promise and perils of our politics and culture, exploring alternatives to prevailing social wrongs.  We will deliberately consider the problems of our times.”

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