1 thought on “Sam Kinsley on Stiegler

  1. Thank you for the kind link! I’ve enjoyed following your blog for a while, I hope my notes are of some use.

    Anyone interested might find Alexander Galloway’s course “French Theory Today” worth a look, which I have found very useful in thinking through these themes (there are MP3 recordings of his lectures): http://cultureandcommunication.org/galloway/teaching.html

    Galloway’s lecture on Stiegler in particular is a really interesting take on his work:
    [audio src="http://cultureandcommunication.org/galloway/mp3/Galloway_Stiegler_TPS_26Oct2010.mp3" /]
    It also chimes with his book review of Stiegler’s “Taking Care of the Youth and the Generations” in Radical Philosophy: http://www.radicalphilosophy.com/reviews/163-reviews

    Also, Dan Ross, who has translated a number of Stiegler’s books for Polity, has written an excellent and tremendously useful entry for Technics and Time 1 on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technics_and_Time,_1

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