Monitor Group, Libya, and the intellectuals

Via the wonderfully named neon tommy blog at USC, some further context about the involvement of various intellectuals with Libya in the mid 2000s. This post includes a link to a fuller analysis in Mother Jones. The consultancy group at the centre of this story, Monitor, has now acknowledged ‘mistakes’ in helping to develop these relationships as part of a sustained campaign to re-brand Libya’s image in the West. Monitor are also implicated in the controversy around Said Gaddafi’s PhD – they helped with the data collection.

3 thoughts on “Monitor Group, Libya, and the intellectuals

  1. I wonder if John Kerry is connected to Monitor Group and if that figured in to his hawkish stance on Libya. The eldest son of Mitt Romney works for Monitor Group. The Farah Stockman story in the Boston Globe is of Pulitzer Prize quality.

  2. Why would you question whether John Kerry was connected to the Monitor Group because he is against letting Gaddafi massacre his people? Wouldn’t someone influenced by a connection to the Monitor Group be taking the OPPOSITE side. Kerry’s position is well documented in op-eds and in his comments at his SFRC hearings. (I would not even use the word hawkish – as his position is for a more limited objective – preventing a massacre – than many Republicans.)

    The fact is this article speaks of Romney’s son working for Monitor. In addition, there were lots of connections between Mitt Romney and Monitor. However, even with Romney, with the connections he has to this group, you would need to show that his position was changed due to the influence of these people.

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