‘Why theory?’

This site is a space in which to think out loud about other people’s ideas, particularly the sort of ideas which might, or might not, be considered to qualify as ‘Theory’. It is shaped by a sense that, as someone else once said, “I have nothing to say, only to add”. Or, it might be thought of as the confessions of a sedentary geographer. I’m going to use this site to try to articulate some of the more anecdotal dimensions of what is involved in inhabiting the particular intellectual habitus that I find myself in, however one might define that – the world of Anglo-American critical human geography, if we stick to disciplines, but more broadly, that strange rhizomatic world once called ‘cultural studies’ or ‘Theory’, and all else that has followed.  And just to get us off on the right footing, I should say that by referring to ‘anecdotal’ here, I am gesturing towards the spirit, as I understand it, of Jane Gallop’s book Anecdotal Theory.

I work at the Open University, in Milton Keynes, UK, in the Geography Department. I live in Swindon.

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